March 18, 2023

Bhubaneswar temperature

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Bhubaneswar temperature

Bhubaneswar temperature forecast for 12 days based on parameters of rain, sun, wind, humidity, and temperature.

Here’s a live Bhubaneswar temperature & weather report from Bhubaneswar weather stations along with weather warnings of thunder, high UV index.

 Bhubaneswar temperature for the next 12 days in the daytime ranges from 35-40°C [higher limit] to 25-30°C [lower limit]. From 15th April temperature might exceed 40°C.

Whereas, Bhubaneswar’s temperature for nighttime ranges from 24-28°C.

Be cautious! Bhubaneswar will experience high UV rays in the afternoon from 8th to 12th April.

The highest humidity can be felt during the night on 9th and 19th April.

Bhubaneswar’s temperature doesn’t show any relief signs of rain for the next 12 days. However, there might be a cloudy sky in certain places.

Therefore, Bhubaneswar will mostly face hazy weather and dew point at 24°.

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Geo-coordinates at 20.22° N Latitude & 85.83° E Longitude. Bhubaneswar has an average elevation above the mean sea level of 25m. Berhampur’s population density is 762243.

Bhubaneswar’s temperature in summer exceeds 40°C whereas winter minimum temperature is about 15°C.  Mean daily its ranges from 22-32 °C.

In conclusion, visit the link for more live details about hourly updates, air quality index & seasonal allergy pollen count forecast on Bhubaneswar temperature.

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