March 21, 2023

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Bhubaneshwar Pin Code

The pin code is a system used by the Post Office of India, that marks the various localities of a particular place.

However, It is a six-digit code, and the last three digits represent the post office of a specific locality.

Bhubaneshwar is a city in the eastern state of Odisha. The name of the post office of the city is “Nayapalli”, and the Bhubaneshwar Pin Code is 751012.

A total of 2185 villages/localities come under Bhubaneshwar Pin Code or Bhubaneshwar General Post Office (GPO).

In other words, smaller villages/localities which don’t have a separate pin code allotted to them. They use the pin code of the GPO.

Therefore, in Bhubaneshwar city, are 128 post offices that administer the postal services for various localities.

If a letter has delivered to a particular locality, the sender has to write the specific pin code of that locality.

The letter will directly go to that specific post office, from where it delivered to the receiver.

In conclusion, for a full list of the pin codes of Bhubaneshwar city, click here.

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