March 17, 2023

Bhubaneshwar live news

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Bhubaneshwar live news

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Doctors prescribe strict adherence to Covid norms

Bhubaneshwar live news

In a single day Covid-19 case count has reached 800 in the state. Experts have called for strict restrictions on safety protocols in public places.

Chief Minister asked the DGP to launch a 10-day drive to enforce Covid-appropriate behavior, as many people are moving without masks on roads and markets.

Now people are not taking Covid seriously at all. They are going to restaurants and malls as they would do in the pre-Covid period. The carelessness of people and non-adherence to Covid safety protocols is one of the major reasons for the spike in cases in the state as well as in the country.

Lockdown may cause financial or economic distress for people but the strict enforcement of rules and guidelines issued by the government is a must at this juncture.

bhubaneshwar live news
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The government has restricted the number of guests at weddings to 100 and funerals to 50. Lockdown can never be a solution to bring down the cases. It was implemented before so that our health system can be prepared to handle the crisis, which no one has faced before.

Now if we call for lockdown it will erode our economy further. On the contrary, strict measures to prevent gatherings and ensure the use of masks is very important. Night curfew from 5 pm to 7 am in the morning may help. Stay tuned with us to get the latest Bhubaneshwar live news.

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